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Hearing Aid Installation

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What is Audiology?
It deals with a  professional Audiologist who helps patients with hearing loss & maintenance and provides a hearing aid based on suitable loss of hearing pattern.
Hearing Evaluation
A hearing test is a complete test which provides an evaluation of the sensitivity of a person’s hearing and is most often performed by an Audiologist using an audiometer to help you find ways to improve hearing!

Which Hearing Aid Suits You the Best?

Hearing Aids come in a wide range of models based on budget, economy, advanced, premium devices and also associated features suitable for you. There are two main styles of Hearing Aids:

  1. Custom (CIC, ITC, ITE, IIC)
  2. BTE (RIC, Mini BTE, Traditional BTE styles)
BTE: BTE is a traditional type of hearing aids worn over the ear. It is most suitable for severe hearing impairment when used with a proper tubing and ear mould. Battery sizes vary according to the power level of the hearing loss.

RIC: It is the best and widely fitted hearing aid and the most practical one in the market with its style and size. It is suitable for those who have hearing loss ranging from the mild-high frequency(Age-related sloping pattern) but can also fit the severe losses.

Completely In the Canal (CIC): It is designed to fit deep inside the ear canal making it cosmetically invisible. This type is also having natural pinna effect like micro IIC. It also uses the same battery size like IIC and can be suitable for mild-moderate hearing loss.

Invisible In the Canal (IIC): It is the smallest device which fits inside the ear canal. It has the smallest battery size and single microphone placed to optimize natural pinna effect giving you clear sound without knowing that you’re wearing one.
In the Canal (ITC): It is slightly larger than the CIC to have some minor differences i.e. directional microphone and also 312 battery size. It has greater power of localization of sounds than CIC or IIC and also larger in size.
In the Ear (ITE): It is designed to fit the whole concha (ear) and is made larger than the ITC hearing aid. It is similar to 13 battery size of ITC aid. It has the largest fitting range and can reach down to severe to profound hearing loss.
Self Analysis
How can I tell if I have a hearing loss?

If you answer yes to some of the following questions, you may have a hearing loss:

  • Often ask people to repeat what they say?
  • Have trouble hearing in groups?
  • Think others mumble?
  • Fail to hear someone talking from behind you?
  • Turn up the volume on the TV or car radio?
  • Have difficulty with the phone?
  • Have trouble hearing your alarm clock?
  • Have difficulty hearing at the movies
  • Dread going to noisy parties and restaurants?

Think about these situations

  • Are you embarrassed to talk openly about not being able to hear?
  • Are you cutting out activities that you used to love but have become painful because you cannot join in fully anymore?
  • At work are you afraid to reveal your hearing loss in case it jeopardizes your job and your supervisor and coworkers may see you as less competent?
  • Are you bluffing when out with friends in noisy restaurants?
  • Are you feeling cut off from your young children because you cannot hear their high-pitched voices?
  • Are family holidays a strain because so many people are talking at once?

These are common reactions and can lead to withdrawal from social interaction, anxiety, loss of self-esteem and even depression.