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Are you looking for a Hearing Aid installation? Let us help you fit the right one! With over 8000 clients, Star Speech and Hearing Clinic is considered as the Best Hearing Aid Installation Centre in Hyderabad. Contact us today for special pricing or visit any of our branches mentioned below.


Star Speech and Hearing Clinic - Mission

Our Mission

Hearing loss & speech problem is not easily diagnosed by self or sometimes, even by near and dear ones around you. The clinic’s mission is to start with a service focused on individual patients with equal guidance and to provide the best & reliable audiological speech-language evaluation and successful outcome of the treatments.

Star Speech and Hearing Clinic - Vision

Our Vision

Is to continue to provide our clients with the right audiology and speech therapy services. We also spread the awareness of the underlying issues to individuals related to speech and hearing. Our growth is in the successful outcomes of all our clients, right from children to elderly persons. 

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Happy Clients

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"We purchased hearing aids from star speech & hearing centre, Audiologist gave me complete awareness of how to use hearing aids and their proper kit to maintain to increase the span of hearing aids & reduce the service issues. It was a wonderful experience throughout thanks to good hospitality and service."


"My father has severe hearing loss and he is a farmer, we thought the hearing problem was not much until recently we experienced my father's hearing was deteriorating for 3 years due to not being aware or neglecting. Manoj Garu really been a life saver for my father's hearing problem. Thank you so much you have been very patient and given us a good hearing machine."

Divya Kranthi

"My daughter has been diagnosed with speech delay but otherwise, she is very talented and herself tries to communicate. We did not think she might be having a hearing problem, and after meeting the audiologist at the star speech & hearing clinic, they did a detailed speech & hearing evaluation. She is now attending auditory-verbal therapy using hearing aids. So much progress and a lot of difference."

Vasu Suri

"I was returning to India from the USA. While traveling, I lost my hearing aid. As a result, I was suffering as I wasn't able to communicate with my family. I was looking out for a hearing center nearby and I found Star hearing center. The staff were nice and good, the service is most appreciable. I have taken one hearing aid, they took good care as per my satisfaction, though there was a slight delay to ensure the best results. This is my heartful appreciation for their behaviour."

Yesupadam – Retired Employee, RBI

You Are in Good Hands

We are service oriented and treat our patients with great time and effort to solve their hearing and speech problems. We maintain our clinic in a hygienic manner. Regular follow-ups with our patients are conducted to know about their progress and well-being!

We also participate in free camp screening tests for the patients’ wellness. We have equipped instruments and materials for testing, hearing and speech-language difficulty to figure out the correct diagnosis & treatment plan.

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Our Branches

Our Branches