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Speech Therapy

Star Speech and Hearing Clinic provides individualized Speech Therapy for all the age groups with Speech-Language disorders like:

1. Receptive & Expressive Language Delay
2. AVT
3. Voice Therapy
4. Neurological Disorder or Strokes
5. Autism/ADHD
6. Down Syndrome and Others

What makes us different? We provide goal targeted therapy in which the pre-therapy skills are recorded(video/report) and based on that level, the progress is also documented. Prior to this, our Pathologist takes all the background info, administers different tests and diagnosis. If you or your child have had relevant assessments previously, we request you to bring the reports with you. Along the assessment, a hearing test is mandatory to ensure that the Speech difficulties are not associated with poor hearing. We’d like you to focus on a couple of points here:

  1. The outcome would be better if the problem is detected and diagnosed early.
  2. The younger the child, the regular the therapy, the better the long-term outcome.