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Hearing Aid Installation

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​​​​With the COVID-19 pandemic, WHO is recommending that everyone wear’s face mask to prevent the spread of the virus. For individuals having hearing loss/Impairment wear hearing aids with a face mask i.e)

A. The use of a face mask with elastic worn around the ears can cause irritation on the ear.

B. The increased risk of losing the hearing aid.

C. Adults or children might forget that they are wearing hearing aids.

D. While removing the face mask, it makes the hearing aids will fall, and breaks near the tubing/wire.

5 solutions for hearing aids with face masks:

  1. Pull back any long hair into a bun or with an elastic tie.
  2. Utilize the button extensions for a mask and loop the elastic to mask the ears.
  3. Mask with four strings tied from the back of the head instead of elastic.
  4. Check that the hearing aid is in place while removing the mask.
  5. Remove your mask at home in an open area if the hearing aids fall to the ground it can be found more easily.

How to Use a Mask Extension with Hearing Aids

The images below demonstrate how to keep long hair pulled back and away from hearing aids along with the use of a mask extension. The mask extender can also be worn at the base of the head with the mask loops positioned below the ears.

Use a mask extender to keep mask straps from interfering with hearing aid use.

Communication Challenges and Tips While Wearing Face Masks

Wearing a face mask creates additional challenges for communication for people with and without hearing loss.

NOTE: If your hearing aid is compatible with a smartphone, you may be able to use a phone app to help detect a lost hearing aid. In general, the app indicates the last time the hearing aid and phone ​were connected. If you have lost or broken your hearing aid, contact your audiologist right away to find out if you are eligible for a replacement.