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Star Speech Clinic - Hyderabad

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German Hearing Aids – Signia/Siemens

Pure charge & go 7nx rechargeable

Pure Charge & Go 7Nx

Rechargeable Hearing Aid

Most natural own voice processing

High quality audio streaming

Ultra HD e2e & Bluetooth Connnectivity

More Details

The new Pure™ Charge&Go Nx combines all the advantages of Signia Nx with convenient wireless rechargeability. It is intuitive to handle because we integrated wireless charging into its design.

Wearers no longer worry that they might struggle to change disposable batteries. Only this contactless charging system gives wearers complete convenience, knowing that the hearing aids charge as they should every time.

The high-capacity Li-Ion power cell of Pure Charge&Go Nx supports top Bluetooth connectivity, allowing wearers to enjoy long-lasting high quality audio streaming. By charging up the power cell while they sleep, they can trust their hearing aids to always deliver the sounds they want to hear. Simply Charge&Go!

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Signia - Styletto
Signia Styletto

World’s first SLIM-RIC HEARWEAR™

Outstanding sound quality

Uniquely stylish form factor

Rechargeable Hearing Aid

More Details

Introducing Styletto



Styletto from Signia is more than just a hearing aid – it’s high-tech HEARWEAR™.

Slim, stylish and with smart technology, Styletto transforms the look of hearing aids.


Pure in design, sophisticated in form, Styletto’s graceful lines, refined fit and true-to-life hearing experience mean you feel the difference as soon as you slip it on.


With its iconic, jewel-like aesthetic, Styletto is a game-changer in wearable hearing technology.

Express your individual style by choosing one of three elegant color combinations: Dark Granite and Silver, Cosmic Blue and Rose Gold, or Snow White and Rose Gold.


Wherever you’re going, Styletto goes with you. And goes and goes – lasting all day* on a full charge. Plus, its portable charging case gives you three more days without going near a wall socket.

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Signia Insio Nx Hearing Aid
Signia Insio Nx ( IIC/ CIC)

The smallest hearing aids 

Superior speech understanding

For a broad range of hearing loss

Natural sound quality

More Details

Life is better spent together. Signia’s latest Insio™ hearing aids are tailor-made to suit your ear anatomy and hearing loss so you can enjoy spending time with those closest to you without having to worry about your hearing and appearance.

 Through its incredibly discreet design and exceptional sound quality, the new Insio gives you the self-confidence to savor the important things in life.

Your personalized hearing solution

Tailor-made for your ear anatomy, Signia’s Insio sits perfectly and almost unnoticeably in your ear for a high level of discretion and wearing comfort.

Small-sized sophistication

Although tiny in size, Insio is equipped with state-of-the-art technology for a most natural hearing experience, and can even be remotely controlled.

For a broad range of hearing loss

Mild, moderate or severe hearing loss, Insio tackles all these challenges and gives you back the natural sound of life.

Perfectly positioned for phone calls and music.

Unlike hearing aids that sit behind the ear, Insio’s microphones pick up sound inside the ear canal. This enables you to make phone calls and listen to music in the way you are used to naturally. You can even use over-ear headphones.

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Denmark Hearing Aid – Oticon

Voted #1 Best Sound Quality by Hearing Tracker

oticon xceed
Oticon Xceed (BTE)

World’s Most Powerful Hearing Aid

Outstanding clear sound

360° access to speech

Proven BrainHearing™ Technology

More Details

People with severe-to-profound hearing loss rely on hearing aids to get through each and every day, and it can be extremely challenging to follow the conversation with a group of friends, family members or colleagues.

If several people are talking, it becomes harder and even more tiring to make sense of the conversations.

With the new groundbreaking technology in Oticon Xceed, you will now have the support you need to actively take part in these situations without having to rely on guessing and lip reading.

Oticon Xceed opens up your world like never before.

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Oticon Ruby
Oticon Ruby

Rechargeable Hearing Aid

360° sound experience

BrainHearing™ technology

Easy connection to your phone

More Details

Oticon Ruby offers the best sound quality in Oticon’s essential category and introduces new features like the SuperShield feedback management system and super-fast inductive charging.

Ruby improves your speech understanding so you can experience the joys of life. It’s time to get out and hear what you’ve been missing

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Oticon Opn
Oticon Opn (IIC/CIC/ITC)

100% Invisible In the Ear Hearing Aid

So small they're almost invisible

Works even in noisy environment

Natural, 360° sound

More Details

These Oticon Opn™ hearing aids hide in your ears and are custom-made to fit you precisely. Even the smallest, invisible* models offer excellent sound quality without compromise, giving you constant access to 360-degree sound.With the revolutionary new Oticon Opn in-the-ear hearing aids*, you can clearly hear the sounds all around and be more active in conversations, even in noisy places.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Free Hearing Evaluations

Home Visit Available

Support and Consultation

Hearing aid prescription, fitting, repair, and adjustments

Free Hearing Aid Trial

Custom Earmolds and Earplugs

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About Us – Star Speech and Hearing Clinic

Hearing loss & speech problem is not easily diagnosed by self or sometimes, even by near and dear ones around you. I’ve set up this clinic in Barkatpura, Hyderabad to provide the best & reliable audiological speech-language evaluation and successful outcome of the treatments. The clinic’s mission is to start with a service-focused towards individual patients with equal guidance and counselling.

You’re in Good Hands

We are service-oriented and treat our patients with great time and effort to solve their hearing and speech problems. We maintain our clinic in a hygienic manner. Regular follow-ups with our patients are conducted to know about their progress and well being.

Audiometery Test

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ)

How do I know if I need a hearing aid?

Hearing loss often occurs so gradually that the individual may not be aware of a problem. In fact, it is not uncommon for a hearing loss to be first detected by a family member, who is having to speak louder or repeat themselves. Early signs of hearing loss include:

  • Turning the TV or radio volume louder than other family members prefer.
  • Difficulty understanding speech in a background of noise, for instance in restaurants.
  • More difficulty hearing children and women than men.
  • Difficulty hearing in meetings.
  • Difficulty hearing at public speaking events.
  • Ringing in the ear(s) when no external sound is present.
  • Having things repeated frequently.
  • Difficulty hearing people “with low voices.
Do I need two hearing aids?

If you have hearing loss in both ears, in most cases two hearing aids are the best choice for giving you the optimal access to auditory information. You will be able to hear better in noisy situations. You will be able to better localize sounds or tell where the sounds came from. Wearing a hearing aid in each ear will help to balance the sounds that you hear.

Are hearing aids bluetooth compatible? can I listen to music & answer phone calls?

Yes, many of today’s hearing aids feature advanced Bluetooth technology. You can stream sound from your T.V., smartphone, laptop, or any other Bluetooth compatible device directly to your hearing aids. This creates a seamless listening experience without the interference of background noise or having to use an intermediary device.

How long will it take for me to adjust to wearing hearing aids?

Adjusting to hearing aids varies from person to person and depends upon how long you waited to treat your hearing loss as well as its severity. Although our ears collect noise from our environment, it’s actually our brain that translates it into recognizable sound. If hearing loss is left untreated, the auditory part of your brain can actually atrophy, in which case your rehabilitation may take a while longer. You’ll also want to wear them as recommended. Following your doctor’s orders improves your chances for success.

First, we are thankful to Star speech.
We are very satisfied with his service and explanation and give good suggestion. I hope this will remain the same in the future.

M. Shankar

Government Teacher

I have visited the Star Speech and Hearing Clinic in December 2017. I am extremely satisfied with their services. They have been kind and extremely patient in trying different combinations of hearing aids.


Thank you for the friendly and supportive team. I’m glad I came here. Keep up the good work!


Software Engineer

Contact Us

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Clinic Address

3-4-769/101, YRS Residency, opp. ICICI Bank ATM, Barkatpura, Kachiguda, Hyderabad, Telangana 500027